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My older sister, Lacey, was born with special needs. They operate two second hand clothing stores. One in Plains and the other in Thompson Falls. These stores give opportunities to special needs individuals to have and maintain a job and have supervised individual living. They also are able to, through Little Bitterroot, attend the Special Olympics. Under funded and on a budget, its hard for them to afford to take all of their members to the Olympics. I contacted Little Bitterroot Services management, and worked with them on figuring out what some of their needs were. We decided to have Light Weight Hooded coats made, with their team name embroidered in to the left breast of the coats, for the Special Olympics.

As the coats that they have are old and in need of being updated. We had 24 coats made in many different sizes. I used all of the Pay It Forward money on this. I paid the difference with money from my own pocket. Once again, thank you for the opportunity to be apart of such a great company and a great program. Linda is a friend of our family and I am using the Pay It Forward card to help her with medical expenses. Below is her story from her Go Fund Me web page.

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On Sunday, February 10th, Linda suffered a stroke and was taken to St. Patrick hospital where she was quickly treated with tPA, a powerful clot-busting medication used to dissolve the clot and restore blood flow. The drug must be given within a few hours after the onset of symptoms, or the risk of causing unwanted bleeding may outweigh the benefit.

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The earlier tPA is administered within that time period, the better the chances of a favorable outcome. We are so grateful that she was treated extremely early after her symptoms began and she is expected to make a full recovery. After three days in the ICU and one night on the neurology floor, she was able to come with the aid of in-home health care.

Her prognosis is better at home than in a nursing home. When she can manage the stairs to her home, she will continue with out-patient rehab. She is currently trying to regain movement in her left arm, leg and her speech. Her primary care physician ordered a test of her renal arteries to see if a blockage could be the cause. Her first pancreas MRI is on February 28th. Surgery was performed on her renal artery and a heart catheter was also done at the Heart Institute. As a result of this growth, areas of the arteries can thicken, narrow and even enlarge, making it difficult for blood to flow through them.

FMD most often affects the renal arteries, which supply the kidneys with blood, and carotid arteries, which bring blood to the brain. Less commonly, FMD develops in the arteries of the abdomen or the arteries of the arms and legs. In nearly one-third of people with FMD, more than one artery is affected.

~ The only thing we control is what we give…

It is not curable or treatable with medication. Linda will always require frequent testing in her arteries. The bridge refers to the band of heart muscle, the myocardium. But the segment of the blood vessel that dips into the heart muscle may be squeezed when the heart contracts, especially if the heart muscle is thickened.

In rare cases, this causes symptoms similar to those of a heart attack, including chest pain, tightness or pressure in the chest, pain in the left arm or jaw, or shortness of breath. Linda is self employed and has medical insurance with a high deductible and out of pocket costs. Unfortunately, the road behind her for the last 6 months exceeded and out of pocket costs. As you can imagine, her medical costs so far run in the tens of thousands, and we are extremely thankful for insurance.

Priscilla Strain Series

But not working, paying higher employees costs for the business and out of pocket expenses are crippling on top of everything else she is dealing with. We are hoping to be able to raise funds to help with those out of pocket expenses for her medical care. We deeply appreciate the generous support Linda has received and extremely dislike asking for monetary help, but sometimes we have to stop being proud and just ask.

Bitterroot (The Priscilla Strain Book 2) Bitterroot (The Priscilla Strain Book 2)
Bitterroot (The Priscilla Strain Book 2) Bitterroot (The Priscilla Strain Book 2)
Bitterroot (The Priscilla Strain Book 2) Bitterroot (The Priscilla Strain Book 2)
Bitterroot (The Priscilla Strain Book 2) Bitterroot (The Priscilla Strain Book 2)
Bitterroot (The Priscilla Strain Book 2) Bitterroot (The Priscilla Strain Book 2)

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