Bunny Sex: The Collection (Stories 1 to 4)

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Thirty-six, he feels that he is quickly approaching middle age and irrelevance, a fear he sees reflected in the economic decline of his hometown, Brewer, Pennsylvania. When his wife leaves him for an eccentric Greek man named Charlie Stavros, Harry and his thirteen-year-old son Nelson are at a loss. Seeking to fill the void left by Janice, Harry starts a commune , composed of himself; Nelson; Skeeter, a cynical, drug-dealing African-American Vietnam vet with messianic delusions; and Jill, a wealthy, white, runaway teenager from Connecticut.

While Skeeter keeps Jill in sexual thrall to him with heroin, Harry and Nelson are both drawn to Jill for the different things she represents to them: lost innocence and sexual conquest for Harry, and first love and coming of age for Nelson. Against the backdrop of the Summer of Love , Harry, Skeeter, and Jill do drugs, have sex, and debate religion, race relations, and other political issues of the s while Nelson attempts to romance Jill.

The activities at Harry's house upset his middle-class, conservative neighbors, one of whom sets fire to the house in an attempt to put an end to the commune. Jill, high on heroin, burns to death. Though Harry is initially disturbed, the nihilistic Skeeter convinces him to forget about it; Harry nonetheless worries about the effect it may have on Nelson. Charlie suffers a heart attack while he and Janice are together, but she saves his life.

The near-death experience causes them to reevaluate their relationship and Janice returns to Harry. The Angstroms warily settle back into family life as they face the dawn of the s. Contemporary reviews of the book were generally positive and often glowing. Time Magazine said of the book and its author, "Updike owns a rare verbal genius, a gifted intelligence and a sense of tragedy made bearable by wit. A masterpiece.

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He has sacrificed none of his sensibility—simply translated it into gutsier, more natural but no less eloquent rhythms. He moves now with the sureness, grace and precision of the born athlete. Let me give you just one random example: Jill's mother—rich, ripe spoiled—feels, when she finds out what happened to her daughter, "a grieved anger seeking its ceiling, a flamingo in her voice seeking the space to flaunt its vivid wings.

It may even—will probably—change your life.

In later years, eminent critics and authors alike have praised the book. Joyce Carol Oates has said of the Rabbit Novels, "The being that most illuminates the Rabbit quartet is not finally Harry Angstrom himself but the world through which he moves in his slow downward slide, meticulously recorded by one of the most gifted American realists The Rabbit novels, for all their grittiness, constitute John Updike's surpassingly eloquent valentine to his country. The book's popularity resulted in a rise in the use of the word "redux" in popular discourse. The Good Bunny and the Bear is lighthearted and funny with some grit and sass thrown in.

And sexy, of course.

It's Miranda's job to watch over the grumpy bear shifter, Chase. Chase is all glower and brooding while Miranda is all light and joy. As you can imagine, they clash At A Glance Hilarious and sexy! I loved Miranda's bubbly and perky personality. She really did remind me of a bunny. But this bunny has fangs! She can kick ass, bake a mean pie, and leave a man panting for more. Chase is set in his ways and he will not even entertain the idea of sleeping with a bunny shifter.

Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai「AMV」- I'm Coming

Predators don't mate with food! But damn that food looks tasty! Seriously, this book had me howling with laughter. All this talk about bunny pie was too freaking much, in a good way. Miranda and Chase balance each other out perfectly, like sexy yin and yang. These two were a great team, both in fighting the bad guys and pounding each others private parts. Some good mystery and action.

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Lots of fun shifters to explore as well. The Bad Miranda was a little too accommodating, especially when Chase kept putting her down. It irked me. She should have given him a harder time over his asinine comments. The Snuggly So much yummy sex. Chase smashed Miranda's pie real good. Loved the sex scenes. Final Thoughts If you are looking for a funny, quick read with great sex and good action, I would for sure recommend Bunny and the Bear.

It made me smile, a lot. The following moments were a red-tinged blur as he took care of the humans who dared hurt his Miranda. The idiot with the flamethrower screamed the loudest when Chase yanked off his arm and beat him with it. When that stopped being fun, he tore out his throat. Jan 19, Alisa rated it liked it Recommended to Alisa by: Geri. Haha, this was book was a blast to read. It was so hilarious. Okay, so the smut scenes were a tad bit awkward and there were some cheesy dialogues, but really, it was so hilarious that overall, I enjoyed reading it. Probably had a notebook out to take notes and everything.

She really went to town reviewing this book. Seemed like she was preparing to analyze the book for an Haha, this was book was a blast to read. Seemed like she was preparing to analyze the book for an English class. Thanks to G for recommending it and all my girls for reading it as a group read "for my bday" LOL. Yeah, sure. Use my birthday as an excuse to assuage your curiosity for dirty, naughty books ; :P I'm on to you all lmao.

Bunny and the Bear (Furry United Coalition, #1) by Eve Langlais

Aug 25, Karla rated it liked it Shelves: spunky-heroine , scorching-hot , scrumptious-hero , sizzling-romance , shape-shifters. This is one HOT book, no doubt about that. It had some very amusing moments! I liked the characters well enough, but I couldn't quite grasp the bunny shape shifter concept, especially one that had such aggressive tendencies. Now the bear on the other hand, well I had no problem with that one.

So while I had a little bit of a problem with character images, it wasn't a bad read and the passion was over the top!

Wolfe and His Bunny

Cute, quick PNR between a bunny shifter who is an undercover agent protecting a grizzly bear. It was funny, wish it was longer. Aug 14, Stephanie G rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed-read-by-stephanie. Calm and boring.

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That is until the day he gets an energetic and very hot new neighbor. As tempting as she is, Chase has no interest in getting involved with a female from another species but Miranda has no intentions of letting him keep her out. Miranda is an agent for the Furry United Coalition and has been sent to protect Chase from being abducted.

She knows she should keep her relationship with Chase professional but she 3. She knows she should keep her relationship with Chase professional but she just loves getting the grumpy bear riled up. When Chase is threatened, Miranda will reveal her shifter secret and risk her own safety to protect him and stop whoever is behind it all.

Bunny Sex: The Collection (Stories 1 to 4)
Bunny Sex: The Collection (Stories 1 to 4)
Bunny Sex: The Collection (Stories 1 to 4)
Bunny Sex: The Collection (Stories 1 to 4)
Bunny Sex: The Collection (Stories 1 to 4)
Bunny Sex: The Collection (Stories 1 to 4)
Bunny Sex: The Collection (Stories 1 to 4)
Bunny Sex: The Collection (Stories 1 to 4)

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