Complete Guide to Grilling the Perfect Steak

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For this reason, ribeye is usually on the pricier side, making it perfect for special occasions. Flank steak can be tough and chewy, however, marinating overnight and cooking only to medium-rare can help keep it tender.

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After marinating, grilling and resting, flank steak must be thinly sliced across the grain to remain tender. Skirt steak should be prepared the same way as flank steak: marinated, grilled to medium-rare, rested and sliced against the grain. Flank and skirt steaks are great for weeknights and entertaining large groups. New York Strip Steak: This cut is also known as the strip steak, top sirloin, top loin and contre-filet.

The meat has a finely-grained texture and rich, beefy flavour. Its medium fat content, decent marbling and tender texture less so than ribeye, but this cut is also less expensive make it an ideal steak for barbecuing. Porterhouse Steak: This steak is also known as the T-bone, a bone-in steak that has two of the most prized cuts of beef in one tidy package.

On one side, the tenderloin, and on the other, the ribeye. The tenderloin portion will generally cook a bit faster than the ribeye portion, but the bone helps to keep the meat juicy. The porterhouse is the perfect steak for high-heat barbecues and entertaining to impress.

Grilling Guide. BBQ Steak Basics 1.

What is an Electric Grill?

Topics: bbq BBQ beef grilling how-to steak summer tips tricks. Michelle Rabin. Skirt can be found near the onglet, by the lower belly and ribs, and shares many of the same characteristics. It is full of flavour but quite tough, so needs careful cooking. It is quite a thin steak covered in a tough membrane, which needs to be removed before cooking, and either needs to be cooked very quickly in a pan or very slowly in liquid. Skirt steaks are typically associated with Mexican dishes, as they can take on punchy marinade flavours such as lime and chilli and are suited to barbecuing.

They are also used in Cornish pasties , as they make a fantastic gravy, but when served on their own skirt steaks should be sliced against the grain and cooked over as high a heat as possible. T-bones are one of the few cuts of beef that are always served on the bone which is shaped like a capital T, hence the name. The fillet will always stay slightly rarer than the sirloin, as they cook at different speeds in the pan, and often the steak is seared and then finished off in the oven to ensure even cooking.

The flavour of a T-bone steak is big and bold, gaining an extra boost from being cooked on the bone. Topside is quite similar to silverside and comes from the inner thigh of the cow. It is sold as a roasting joint and almost always has a layer of fat secured to it which will baste the meat while cooking. Because of the low fat content in the meat itself, topside can be roasted and served rare whilst remaining nice and tender. Sign up to receive recipes, news and reviews from the UK's fastest growing food website.

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How to Grill the Perfect Steak | Char-Broil

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How to cook the perfect steak for every temperature

Can you tell your sirloin from your beef shin? Want to know how to cook the perfect onglet? Read on to find out how to prepare, cook and serve specific cuts of beef, how they differ, what part of the cow they come from and what they taste like. Great British Chefs. How to cook rump steak to perfection.

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The Ultimate Guide to Pan-Seared Steak

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Complete Guide to Grilling the Perfect Steak
Complete Guide to Grilling the Perfect Steak
Complete Guide to Grilling the Perfect Steak
Complete Guide to Grilling the Perfect Steak
Complete Guide to Grilling the Perfect Steak

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