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12. Skippers Canyon Road (New Zealand)

Proving liability in an accident believed to have been caused by a dangerous road can be difficult. After such an accident, an injured victim will need to prove that the road contributed significantly to the crash, as well as that the state or city government that oversees the road knew of the dangerous conditions yet failed to repair the road.

Watchdog Report: Danger on the highways

At Lipton Law, our passionate attorneys have successfully represented individuals injured as a result of a dangerous road. We can investigate the history of the road to prove negligence and help you hold the appropriate governing body accountable for your injuries and accident-related losses.

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Types Of Dangerous Roads Many types of dangerous roads can cause a serious or even fatal car crash. Common examples include: Badly designed intersections. If the design of an intersection is inherently flawed, it can cause head-on or T-bone car accidents, both of which can be severe. Dangerous curves.

Highway to the Danger Zone: Kenny Loggins Is Re-Recording His Hit for Top Gun: Maverick

If careful consideration is not taken when designing a road, it can result in that road having dangerous curves or blind intersections that may take motorists by surprise and result in a crash. Lack of guardrails. Department of Transportation, Scripps analyzed , fatal accidents from to that claimed , lives.

Sometimes, the deadliest roads seem disarmingly safe — a small country lane winding gently through rolling hills or a perfectly straight superhighway stretching across a vast desert landscape. The study found that the single most deadly road is the mile segment of Interstate 15 that passes through San Bernardino County, Calif.


During the year period of the study, 1, people perished in accidents. That's more than double the death toll from any other road in any other county. So people start speeding up and stop paying attention. According to federal files, more than half of the people who died on that section of I were not wearing their seat belts.

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  5. About a third of the accidents involved speeding, and nearly a quarter involved at least one driver who'd been drinking. The roads with the highest death counts are predominately heavily used interstate highways like I But the Scripps study also found that small country roads have become some of the worst killing grounds.

    Highway to the Danger Zone: Kenny Loggins Is Re-Recording His Hit for Top Gun: Maverick

    Thousands of motorists died on roads that are reported in federal records to have "no name. Nearly , accidents occurred along country roads, small municipal streets and other minor routes, killing more than , people. Because most of these roads are lightly traveled, their actual death rates per miles driven can be much higher even than along Interstate Transportation Secretary Mary E.

    More guardrails can help, and we can widen shoulders so we have fewer vehicle flip-overs. And there are long-term solutions like straightening out the curves. Motorists also appear to drive differently on different kinds of roads.

    12. Skippers Canyon Road (New Zealand)

    The Scripps study found that 24 percent of all fatal accidents along interstates involved drinking. But drinking was reported for fatal crashes 31 percent of the time on state roads and 39 percent of the time on county roads.

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    They may feel they won't be observed not wearing seat belts. Munnich's group has created a Web site at SafeRoadMaps. But we found things like roundabouts — traffic circles — are safer than intersections. And rumble stripping along the shoulders helps warn people they are leaving the roadway.

    Danger on the Highway Danger on the Highway
    Danger on the Highway Danger on the Highway
    Danger on the Highway Danger on the Highway
    Danger on the Highway Danger on the Highway
    Danger on the Highway Danger on the Highway
    Danger on the Highway Danger on the Highway

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