The Deadly Fisherman: Covert Echoes

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Yesterday's Echo (Rick Cahill Novel #1)

The deadly python was discovered in a stream close to Powell's Pool in Sutton Park. A slippery creature gave two fishermen the shock of their lives as they tripped over the deadly reptile at a Sutton Coldfield beauty spot. Simon thought it would be a grass snake or adder and was aghast to see a docile six foot python or boa constrictor lying semi-dormant in the stream.

They were even more shocked than we were. It was five to six feet long.

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He ran up the back there and there was a big boa. That snake could be there for years.

If a small child was there I hate to think what would happen. We asked that the snake be brought to the visitor centre. By Nick Horner. Professional fisherman Simon Bates said the six foot snake was the 'strangest' thing he had come across in 30 years of fishing Get the biggest daily stories by email Subscribe We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. Hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons are different names for the same type of rapidly rotating tropical system. Cyclonic rotation is counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere.

All hurricanes are cyclones, but not all cyclones are hurricanes. Tropical cyclones derive their strength from sea surface temperatures of at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Most storms that form in the tropical eastern North Pacific are carried by steering currents in a northwesterly direction, where they die out over cooler waters north of the 30th parallel. They may also send some humidity, clouds or precipitation toward the region. Occasionally, tropical cyclones curve northward, hugging the coast of Baja California or turning inland. These are the Cordonazo storms. The first of the series of September storms formed in the Pacific about miles southwest of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, on Sept. In California, Needles got more than 5 inches of rain and Brawley recorded 6.

They followed similar paths along the western coast of Mexico, dying out about a week later over central and southern Baja California. But they sent a plume of tropical moisture north into the Colorado Desert, which is part of the Sonoran Desert in southeastern California, southwestern Arizona and northwestern Mexico.

The fourth in that series of storms — what would be a long-lived Cordonazo — formed around Sept. As the storm churned northward, Southern California broiled under a torrid heat wave, with a recorded temperature of About p. That same day, a thunderstorm dumped 6. Moisture from one of the two previous cyclones that had broken up a week earlier south of Ensenada, Mexico, may have fueled that thunderstorm.

After days of intense heat, ominous clouds gathered and thickened over L.

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The cloud cover pulled the daytime high temperature down to just 81 degrees. A cooling southeasterly breeze arose around noon, lowering the mercury to 67 degrees by 5 p. And those cooling southeasterly winds would gust to 50 mph by 7 p. Rain intensified overnight and was especially heavy between 1 a. The rain let up from a. Rainfall amounts were impressive: Long Beach reported 4. Wilson received The heat wave and the tropical storm were probably related. As Daniel Swain, a climate scientist at UCLA, says, the storm not only broke the heat wave, it also played a significant part in creating it.

Counterclockwise circulation around the cyclone as it approached from the south generated strong east to northeast downsloping offshore winds that drove up temperatures in the L. Basin through compression heating. For more than a quarter-century after that, no tropical cyclone reached Southern California, although some remnants came close. Could a full-blown hurricane hit California? There are no documented cases of a hurricane making landfall in the Golden State.

Unlike the eastern U. It literally throws cold water in the face of any tropical cyclones approaching the California coast and the coast of northern Baja California. In addition, the upper-level winds known as steering currents tend to carry storms to the west and northwest, out into the Pacific and away from California.

At lower levels of the atmosphere off the California coast, prevailing winds are northwesterly, creating vertical wind shear that rips hurricanes apart. These northwesterly winds near the surface also promote upwelling, pulling cool water from the deep and pushing warmer coastal water offshore, creating a less-hospitable environment for tropical cyclones.

The Boat at the Bottom of the Sea

Downward motion in the atmosphere off the coast of Southern California, as opposed to upward motion vital to the formation of thunderstorms, also discourages formation or continuation of cyclones. This downward motion is associated with June gloom along the California Coast, Swain said.

Nevertheless, against these odds, a number of Cordonazo storms have taken advantage of less common atmospheric conditions and turned northward. Storms usually weaken at about Cabo San Lucas in their northward trek, but a storm that is strong enough and moving fast enough could continue.

Meanwhile, a weak or modest early season North Pacific storm swings out of the Gulf of Alaska, bringing light rain to Portland, Seattle and Northern California. The influence of the low system to the north causes the hurricane to turn to the north, quickly dropping to a Category 2 or 3 in intensity. Storms have been known to backtrack or loop — or even stand still.

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By the time the storm reaches the Southern California Bight, it is no more than a Category 1 or, more likely, a tropical storm. But tropical storms pack a considerable wallop in terms of precipitation — as we saw in — and can generate strong, gale-force winds. No full-blown hurricane is likely to make landfall in Southern California, although on Oct. It is thought that this was a Category 1 storm at the time. Heavy rain and strong winds were reported both in San Diego and the Los Angeles area. Numerous tropical cyclones have followed the Cordonazo pattern over the years and have affected Southern California and the Southwest.

Here are some examples:. Kathleen, Sept. San Gorgonio Mountain northwest of Palm Springs received According to The Times, the storm killed at least six and wreaked widespread destruction in the Imperial Valley and adjoining areas. Ocotillo, near the Mexican border, was hardest hit. A flash flood sent a wall of water 6 feet high and a half-mile wide through the city; 20 homes were destroyed and 70 were badly damaged — at the time, the city had just homes. Remnants of Kathleen dumped heavy rain throughout the West, with rain and strong winds as far north as Oregon, Idaho and Montana. Doreen, Aug.

The deadly array of weapons seized from drugs thug

It reached hurricane status on Aug. August is usually a dry month in Southern California, but San Diego received 2. San Jacinto, west of Palm Springs. Damage was extensive, especially to agriculture in San Diego and Imperial counties, and the little desert town of Ocotillo was flooded again.

Norman, Sept.

The Deadly Fisherman: Covert Echoes The Deadly Fisherman: Covert Echoes
The Deadly Fisherman: Covert Echoes The Deadly Fisherman: Covert Echoes
The Deadly Fisherman: Covert Echoes The Deadly Fisherman: Covert Echoes
The Deadly Fisherman: Covert Echoes The Deadly Fisherman: Covert Echoes
The Deadly Fisherman: Covert Echoes The Deadly Fisherman: Covert Echoes

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