The Many Wonders of Costa Contente

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How fragile a sound memory can be to be reinterpreted and reconstructed after a lapse of several decades; how each participant would manage to reconnect with remote sounds that would lead to remote images; in other words, how sounds and images would overlap through multiple ocurrences, in order to create a coherent speech. How a sound memory could be so accurate to be the stimulus that would reconstruct long forgotten images. These are some of the reflections that have been at the origin of this piece.

The procedure was very simple: I asked several persons, chosen among my relationships for several different reasons texture of their voice, personal history, relation with sound… , but none being a musician nor a common collaborator, to describe a sound that had created a certain impact on them during their childhood, and this in their mother tongue. And the second request was to reproduce that sound themselves.

And also to probe the ability and creativity of individuals who normally never or almost never produce deliberately any sound. The chosen languages are those that are familiar to me, and that are constitutive of my identity.

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The piece has been structured in sequences and edited according to a cinematographic approach, as I wanted it to produce suggestive images for the listening. For this reason, I left the recordings of the voices almost as they had been done, like some voice-overs, trying to change the speech as less as possible. Using editing techniques very similar to cinematographic ones, like different types of match-cuts or incorporating concrete sounds that remind foleys, I wanted to give a more coherent form to the whole piece, and make these elements act as semantic connectors between different languages and sequences, so that a certain narrative, even if sometimes abstract, could be followed.

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In some cases, the creation of the sound by the participant was impossible, due to its complexity or lack of means, so I had to recreate it myself, according to the instructions that had been given. But, apart from more musical ones, these added concrete sounds that, in a certain way, fill spaces in the global speech, work as an echo to the added information that participants undoubtedly used to fill the gaps of their memory. These techniques are maybe more visible than audible, but they are structural points for the composition.

In certain cases, the result of these testimonies because in such a context, these laid out descriptions became indeed true testimonies go beyond the simple recollection: the exposed situations, if suitably analyzed with their psychological content and their historical and geographical contexts could surely take the value of cultural and social documents, giving to sound a main role which, through language, is a strong means to explore reality. This very unexpected coincidence closes the piece into itself in an extremely clear and natural way, thanks to two memories which that way, seem to echo each other.

The piece is circumscribed to a certain auteur cinema that appears in the 50s, not only from the French New Wave, but also revolving around it. Type Sightseeing, Cultural, Tasting.

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The Many Wonders of Costa Contente The Many Wonders of Costa Contente
The Many Wonders of Costa Contente The Many Wonders of Costa Contente
The Many Wonders of Costa Contente The Many Wonders of Costa Contente
The Many Wonders of Costa Contente The Many Wonders of Costa Contente
The Many Wonders of Costa Contente The Many Wonders of Costa Contente
The Many Wonders of Costa Contente The Many Wonders of Costa Contente

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