Throw Out The Diet, NOT The Food!

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Alternatives to Food Bowls: More Delightful Ways to Enjoy Dinner!

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There is no food that can make you fat instantly on first bite. There is no food rule that can make you feel free and comfortable around all foods.

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There is no long term lifestyle gain or benefit when you live in fear, restriction, doubt, scarcity, and other self loathing patterns. You can achieve your goals while still enjoying foods. You can become inspired to fuel your body with the foods that genuinely support you in your goals and as a soul having a human experience without diets and restriction.

How to Start Intuitive Eating | Intuitive Eating Guide

Do you want to live a life feeling free in your body? Do you want to be able to enjoy foods while still providing your soul with an optimized home to live in? Do you want to be able to achieve your fat loss, muscle gain, healthy, fulfilling, and freeing lifestyle without being wrapped up in points, numbers, stats, tracking or food in general?

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First, Just imagine No more dieting. No more fads. No more restriction.

The Truth About Bulimia Weight Loss

No more food related fear. No more labels. No more self-loathing. No more BS.

Can’t Stop Binge Eating? Here’s WHY and how to stop.

Feeling that pull to drop the old patterns and revolutionize the way you approach building your best body, lifestyle, and relationship with yourself, your body, and food? Then you and I have some work to do Hit Submit to Apply Wait no more than 24 hours to hear back from me on your application Then we go from there to set up a call or two to determine YOUR needs and set you up on a program that is customized to you based on your goals, history, body, health, needs, beliefs, and so much more.

I use Applications to insure that I am working with people who are serious action takers who value their change as much as I do. Tag them below or share this to show some love to them. As a thank you gift from me, I am giving away access to my Killer Confidence Course. There are a couple definitions of dieting that most often lead to binge-eating behaviors:. For instance, restricting dairy or gluten because you have allergies will not necessarily lead to binge-eating in and of itself. Although physical diets or restrictions around food are the primary cause of binge-eating, it takes more than canceling your Weight Watchers subscription to rid your mind of years and possibly decades worth of toxic diet-culture beliefs around food—which can also trigger binge-eating.

When you start paying attention, you may be surprised by how judgmental you are of your food choices, or how fearful you are of eating certain foods.

It’s Not Food Waste, It’s Wasted Food

In other words— fear, shame , and judgment of your food choices can themselves trigger binge-eating. Putting aside that this fear— Fatphobia —is likely the real root of your food obsession, and is certainly not helping you recover from binge-eating,. Satiation is influenced by several factors— including your history of dieting, your current diet- mentality, as well as where your weight currently rests relative to your natural set point weight.

Your set point weight is the weight you naturally arrive after you let go of dieting and eat in accordance with your bodies natural hunger signals. This weight will be different for everyone — depending on genetics, environment, hormones and other factors.

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When you tune in and listen, your body knows exactly what it needs to eat at any given time—you just need to start honoring and trusting those signals, which is what a good Intuitive Eating coach should be helping you accomplish. More on Intuitive Eating here. People who pursue healthy behaviors like exercising, eating vegetables, etc.

Additionally, people who pursue health behaviors in a weight-neutral way enjoy better health outcomes e. I would argue that pursuing health and nutrition in a weight-neutral way is critical for the safety of anyone in recovery from eating disorders , or binge-eating of any kind. We are constantly being fed messages that we are only worthy or lovable in thin bodies, and this can trigger a cascade effect onto our food:.

Of course, binge-eating often leads to more body shame…and the cycle continues on and on indefinitely. Work with a coach, find a body-positive or body-acceptance support group, do what you need to do to remember:.

Throw Out The Diet, NOT The Food! Throw Out The Diet, NOT The Food!
Throw Out The Diet, NOT The Food! Throw Out The Diet, NOT The Food!
Throw Out The Diet, NOT The Food! Throw Out The Diet, NOT The Food!
Throw Out The Diet, NOT The Food! Throw Out The Diet, NOT The Food!
Throw Out The Diet, NOT The Food! Throw Out The Diet, NOT The Food!
Throw Out The Diet, NOT The Food! Throw Out The Diet, NOT The Food!

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