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Resources for Solo Female Travelers:

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Women Travel Solo for the Sheer Pleasure of it.

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  • 10 Safety Mistakes Women Shouldn't Make When Traveling Alone.
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Simple tips on how women can stay safe when traveling alone

Want to see Donny and Marie in Las Vegas? You have only 4 more days. Can you still fly to Cuba? Can you travel legally to Cuba? Women and their allies are taking bold steps towards achieving gender equality in the workplace.

Read more stories here. Nothing threatening or even unpleasant happened, but I spent the entire time watching for warning signs. There is, though, one real cost to traveling alone as a woman: the constant, exhausting need to evaluate potential dangers. And highlighting the physical dangers can come across as scaremongering. An article on bemytravelmuse , a website with an entire section devoted to female solo travel, argues that traveling is in fact much safer for women than staying put.

Women, after all, are more likely to be raped or killed by someone they know.

  • Why Traveling Alone as a Woman is Safer than Staying Home.
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  • U.S. Marshal Bill Logan, Band 37: Verdammt am Rio Bravo (German Edition).

Meanwhile, adds Time, one of the most common cause of deaths while traveling is car accidents—which is a major problem even if you never leave your home country, as it is the eighth leading cause of death globally. Once I asked for help navigating the bus schedule, and then felt I had to continue the conversation throughout the journey.

Travelling Alone as a Woman in Ireland

He was pleasant enough, but I still felt relieved when my stop arrived and I could hurry away. Another time, I went on a guided tour and a fellow tourist in the group started chatting, which made me slightly tense and less able to lose myself in the history. And the third time, someone I met for work gave me a lift back to the neighborhood where I was staying, and paused briefly for a cigarette mid-route.

He was incredibly congenial but, still, I was all too aware that I was with a strange man in a strange country, and he had the ability to drive me anywhere.

See a Problem?

I kept an eye on the streets, making sure we were in populated areas and following the correct route, and mentally thinking through various escape routes. I walk briskly, have an unapproachable manner, and can suss out and shut down potential flirtations. Many female travelers incorporate safety into their travels: Texting their location to friends at home, for example, or only staying in hotels or registered Airbnbs, rather than backpacking.

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