Живущий в последний раз (Russian Edition)

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The digressions are in blue, for those who wish to be able to skip or focus on them. The original poem is in a metrical and stanzaic form which is found nowhere else in Pushkin's poetry. The stanzas consist of three lines in accentual alexandrines iambic hexameter with a caesura after the 6th syllable which must bear actual stress , followed by one of iambic tetrameter, with alternating masculine and feminine rhymes.

Pushkin's metrical and formal decisions were never arbitrary. A number of studies have shown that formal and metrical choices were, for Pushkin, semantically and pragmatically motivated. Hell even translators like Edna St. Vincent Millay and George Dillon in their rendering of Baudelaire's Fleurs du Mal , who frequently turned Baudelaire's alexandrines into iambic hexameters, did not try to duplicate this feature. Exegi Monumentum. Translated by A.

Foreman Click to hear me recite the original Russian. We heard him say, "I will destroy this temple that is made with hands, and within three days I will build another made without hands.

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Than Alexander's columned stone. A single poet lives to sing. North Finns and the south steppe's Kalmyk. And mercy toward fallen men.

And never argue with a fool. Exegi monumentum. The Poem Itself: Below is a stanza-by-stanza presentation and explanation of the original text or rather the original text as I understand and experience it meant for the Russianless yet patient reader. It is ordinarily associated with sacred things.

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On a different note, the word is often used in conjunction with icons, particularly those depicting the face of Jesus. L2- The point here is that the path is spiritual, not physical, and therefore cannot be overgrown. And then they waited.

For many Soviet Jews , exit visas never came. But, in May , the Brins were granted papers to leave the U. The journey was a blur. Katok, who had emigrated the year before with his family, looked after the Brins and paved the way for Michael to teach at Maryland. The Brins found a house to rent in Maryland—a simple, cinder-block structure in a lower-middle-class neighborhood not far from the university campus.

He struggled to adjust. Bright-eyed and bashful, with only a rudimentary knowledge of English, Sergey spoke with a heavy accent when he started school.

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Everywhere they turned, there was so much to take in. He gravitated toward puzzles, maps and math games that taught multiplication. One thing the Brins shared with thousands of other families emigrating to the West from the Soviet Union was the discovery that, suddenly, they were free to be Jews. Here they were considered Russians. Many longed just to assimilate as Americans. The Brins were no different from their fellow immigrants in that being Jewish was an ethnic, not a religious experience.

We have a seder. I have the recipe for gefilte fish from my grandmother. Religious or not, on arriving in the suburbs of Washington, the Brins were adopted by a synagogue, Mishkan Torah of Greenbelt, Maryland, which helped them acquire furnishings for their home.

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Sergey attended Hebrew school at Mishkan Torah for the better part of three years but hated the language instruction and everything else, too. If there was one Jewish value the Brin family upheld without reservation, Michael says, it was scholarship. At the University of Maryland, he majored in mathematics and computer science and graduated near the top of his class.

When he won a prestigious National Science Foundation scholarship for graduate school, he insisted on Stanford. At the time, though, his focus was squarely on getting his doctorate. Personable, with an easy smile , Sergey brims with a healthy self-assuredness that at times spills over into arrogance. At Stanford, he was known for his habit of bursting in on professors without knocking.

But he was so smart, it just oozed out of him. But he also took time out to enjoy Stanford social life and all manner of sports: skiing, rollerblading, gymnastics, even trapeze. What came next is Google legend. In the spring of , during a prospective student weekend, Sergey met an opinionated computer science student from the University of Michigan named Larry Page. They talked and argued over the course of two days, each finding the other cocky and obnoxious.

They also formed an instant connection, relishing the intellectual combat. Like Sergey, Larry is the son of high-powered intellects steeped in computer science. His father, Carl Victor Page, a computer science professor at Michigan State University until his death in , received one of the first Ph. The two young graduate students also shared a Jewish background. Larry, however, brought up in the mold of his father, whose religion was technology, does not readily identify as a Jew.


He, too, never had a bar mitzvah. The more votes a page had, the more valuable it was. The concept seems rather obvious in retrospect, and today most search engines operate on this principle. But, at the time, it was groundbreaking. No one was interested.

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In the technology boom of the late s, conventional thinking was that so-called web portals like Yahoo! No one cared about search. But Sergey and Larry knew they were on to something, so they decided to take leaves of absence from Stanford and build a company themselves. Soliciting funds from faculty members, family and friends, Sergey and Larry scraped together enough to buy some servers and rent that famous garage in Menlo Park.

For two weeks, as they handled the paperwork, the young men had nowhere to deposit the money. It is difficult to pinpoint the moment when Google became a true American phenomenon.

File:Le suicide (Durkheim, translation to Russian, 1912), page 323.png

Traditional measures, such as gracing the cover of Time magazine or being profiled on 60 Minutes , seem irrelevant when it comes to the fast-moving world of the Internet. It was April 29, , when Google formally filed paperwork for its initial public offering of stock. Two things shocked the investment world that day. The misdeed prompted many to wonder whether the Google founders were careless and immature or just incorrigible troublemakers. What does that sort of money do to a year-old? I still look at prices. I try to force myself to do this less, not to be so frugal.

But I was raised being happy with not so much. Sergey also understands something about cooking, a skill he picked up on his own. Now, he owns a pasta machine and often joins his father in the kitchen when he comes home to visit. In , he and Larry jointly purchased a Boeing jet and had it refitted for personal use.

They are without a doubt two of the most eligible bachelors on Google Earth, but both are reported to be in serious relationships: Larry with Stanford graduate student Lucy Southworth, and Sergey with Anne Wojcicki, a healthcare investor and the sister of Google executive Susan Wojcicki, who owned the garage where Google got started.

In a interview for the now-defunct web site Women. Google refused. The outcome also happened to favor the profit motive. How Google deals with such thorny matters as accommodating government requests for information is not merely of passing interest. Because every search typed into Google is stored indefinitely and can often be traced to individual computer users, privacy advocates point out that clever government prosecutors or divorce lawyers could get their hands on our personal digital dossiers.

Does any company founded by two Jews, no matter how assimilated, necessarily retain some defining Jewish characteristics? The next year, there was a tree wrapped in Hanukkah lights. Personal philanthropy is one area where Sergey intends to proceed cautiously.

Живущий в последний раз (Russian Edition) Живущий в последний раз (Russian Edition)
Живущий в последний раз (Russian Edition) Живущий в последний раз (Russian Edition)
Живущий в последний раз (Russian Edition) Живущий в последний раз (Russian Edition)
Живущий в последний раз (Russian Edition) Живущий в последний раз (Russian Edition)
Живущий в последний раз (Russian Edition) Живущий в последний раз (Russian Edition)
Живущий в последний раз (Russian Edition) Живущий в последний раз (Russian Edition)
Живущий в последний раз (Russian Edition) Живущий в последний раз (Russian Edition)

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